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Must Read

Under pressure
Over the years, I have learned that there is a significant amount of confusion about the application of pressure reducing valves, and which valve to use for various applications. I will try herein to clarify any uncertainties. (Notice how fancy I sound when I use the word “herein” – don’t let that fool you.) ... >> More

NFPA’s new regulations for standards development
After participating in a complete cycle of the code development process for NFPA 101 using NFPA’s new regulations for standards development, I felt it would be beneficial to devote a column to describing the process. NFPA instituted the new regulations starting ... >>More

New standard for health and safety of construction workers
Several years ago, I was attending a plumbing industry annual meeting and the topic of discussion during one of the social events was hazardous medical waste. Several of the plumbing contractors in attendance spoke up and talked about their experience with repairs and renovations while ... >> More

Sustainable water heating solutions
Many water heater options are available for sustainable buildings. The water heater selected for a specific facility depends on the supply energy demand. The plumbing engineer should know the facility’s energy goals before deciding which option will work best. ... >> More

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