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AHPBC supports ICC transparent code development

April 30th, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American High-Performance Buildings Coalition (AHPBC), an organization of leading associations representing a wide range of interests in the building and construction industry, issued a statement in support of the International Codes Council (ICC) transparent process for developing the 2015 International green Construction Code (IgCC). The announcement happened as AHPBC convened for its expert committee hearings in Memphis, Tenn.

The AHPBC sees the ICC’s commitment to an open public hearing process for developing the IgCC as highly valuable in achieving more balanced green building objectives. Jurisdictions, code officials, owners, managers and other users know the IgCC has gone through a formal development process in which all affected stakeholders have been given open and public access to provide expert input.

The green building industry is broad and reaches deep into value chains, so green codes have a significant impact on the marketplace, those who design and produce green building materials, and a diverse group of stakeholders. Green building codes, standards, ratings systems and credits must be grounded in sound science and developed through voluntary consensus processes in order to see a lasting green building future.

The ICC’s public hearings format – that openly and publicly includes leading experts representing all impacted stakeholders, and allows the public to witness the proceedings – serves as an example of how green building standards can be developed in a more open, transparent environment.

The AHPBC includes leading organizations representing a range of products and materials relevant to the building and construction industry. Members are committed to promoting performance-based energy efficiency and sustainable building standards. It supports the development of green building standards through consensus-based processes derived from data and performance-driven criteria.


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