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Must Read

Geothermal HVAC… Your roadmap to profits
Do you remember the first time you found a profit center that really rocked? For me, it was in the early 1990s. Egg Systems was a thriving HVAC service company. Property managers were calling on us more frequently, and we found it pesky that we were asked ... >> More

Manifolds for you and me
My first exposure to the word manifold had to do with cars, hot rods really. Names like Edelbrock, Weiand and Offenhauser were stickered across the rod’s windshields. Performance was the game back then. Allowing the engine to breathe easier or add additional ... >> More

Outcome-based approach to building energy
An outcome-based approach to building design and operation can provide a path to energy-efficient buildings. For several years, under the leadership of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), representatives from across the building industry, including code officials, ... >> More

Sidewall Runoff
The concept of sidewall runoff is that wind driven rain can blow against the side of a building and increase the amount of storm water that falls on a lower roof below. Each of the two model codes addresses this subject differently. The IPC is quite brief on this subject and states as follows: ... >> More

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