Plumbing Engineer - Products: February 2013
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Plumbing Engineer - Products: February 2013

PEX transition
The polypropylene-random (PP-R) to PEX transition comes in ½-inch, ¾-inch and 1-inch sizes. Made from PP-R and brass, the fittings are heat fused to Aquatherm pipe on one side of the connection and crimped to PEX pipe on the other side. The brass portion of the transition has been reengineered to meet ASTM F1807 and connect seamlessly to standard Imperial PEX sizes. Designed to reduce cost and the risk of leakage by eliminating a threaded connection in the transition to PEX. Aquatherm.

Removable coupling
The coupling is designed with a flange and its O-ring allows it to be removed for cutting and easily installed back into the faceplate. Eliminates need for retesting the system each time the coupling is removed. Removes use of messy sealants, tape or any other means of sealing when assembling water closet carriers. Wade.

Press ball valve
The Press Ball Valves are available in lead-free and standard brass construction in sizes ¾ inches through 2 inches. Compatible with all standard press tools and lifetime guarantee. Design focuses on time-and space-saving concepts that simplify future maintenance and upkeep of all piping systems. Webstone Valves.

3350 Pressure reducing valve
The 3350 Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is used to automatically feed water to a hydronic system whenever pressure in the system drops below the pressure setting of the valve. The PRV reduces incoming pressure and automatically maintains system pressure to the valve’s adjustable set point. Suitable for systems with fill pressure requirements between 10-50 PSI and features a fast-fill button with automatic reset. All parts for the cartridge-style PRV are contained in a one-piece cartridge that can be easily removed and serviced without reducing system pressure. Taco.

Battery powered sensor faucets
The Z6930-XL and Z6930-GL-GEN Battery Powered Sensor Faucets are suited for a wide range of commercial market applications, such as high profile office buildings, educational facilities and healthcare applications. The enhanced, hidden sensor lens is constructed of chemically resistant materials to deliver long lasting durability. Constructed of an all cast brass spout, the faucets feature electronic efficiency for improved battery life. Zurn Industries, LLC.

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