Plumbing Engineer - Columns: December 2014
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Plumbing Engineer - Columns: December 2014

Well-read and eagerly anticipated by all Plumbing Engineer readers, our columns are authored by experts in their respective fields. The columns on this page are updated each month, so check back often.


DDFD and the Holy Grail
One of the greatest challenges in our engineering industry is determining when a project is truly done. How do you know when a design is sufficiently complete so that the contractor will have no basis for cost-impact RFIs and change orders? How do you know when ... >> More


PROF (1926-2014)
What is it that we admire in our engineering leaders? We admire leaders who are mentors. Mentors provide guidance and advice to young engineers, helping them to develop in their professional careers. We often admire our educators. How fortunate are those of us ... >> More


Top 10 reasons for choosing solar heat
In this column, over the past few years, I have been describing standard methods and best practices we use to install Solar Hydronic Combisystems in the most successful systems I know. Using what I call the “New Standard Solar/Hydronic Strategy,” our solar heated ... >> More


Noah had the first insurance policy against a flood – an ark
There have been a significant number of insurance water damage claims that have been denied recently, where sewers backed up into homes and caused water damage. These sewer backups were caused by a number of different issues, most of which, as you read the fine ... >> More


My first real job after I graduated college ended up being one of the most incredible opportunities I could have imagined. I worked at the Caleffi headquarters outside of Milan, Italy for about a year. Beyond the excitement of getting to work overseas, I also saw how the energy ... >> More

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