Plumbing Engineer - Columns: August 2014
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Plumbing Engineer - Columns: August 2014

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Reader feedback
I love getting feedback from readers. Not only is it interesting to learn what others have to say, it is evidence that I am not completely wasting my time writing these articles. Back in June, I wrote an article about the rational equation, namely: Q = ciA. This equation calculates the flow ... >> More


Amusement park fire still haunts after 30 years
At the NFPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, I attended the session entitled “Analysis of Potential Fire Sprinkler Performance in the Great Adventure Fire of May 11, 1984.” The presenters, Messrs. Jack Fairchild and Brad Casterline, reported their post-fire analysis of this ... >> More


Combisystem for a Caribbean island hotel
The Caribbean island of Anguilla is only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide, but it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The white sand, tall palm trees and clear blue water on the north side of the island are now getting new accommodations, with the construction of several ... >> More


High-rise plumbing design and plumbing codes
High-rise buildings have very complex and challenging plumbing systems. I find that there is not much plumbing code language that specifically addresses how a high-rise building should be designed to save energy, save water, and provide the owner and occupants with a sustainable and safe ... >> More


zEPI: The Zero Energy Performance Index
During the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) meetings in May, I was introduced to a new scale used to evaluate the energy usage in buildings. The method is called the Zero Energy Performance Index (zEPI). You may start hearing the term more in the future. ... >> More


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