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January 2014

Preventing Dry-firing in Boilers

Design for All

Q&A with Joe Langlois, ECR International

Q&A with Kevin Ruppelt, Eemax CEO
PUMP INNOVATION: The power of efficiency in HVAC system design
Lead free updates from the EPA
Live-social media: Going beyond scheduled posts
Designer's Guide You too can own a latrine in Cambodia

FPE Corner – The Fire Hydrant Flow Test: Part III

Solar Solutions – Case Study: Solar-only mode
Sustainable Design – Are fresh water and energy resources available for 2025 global expansion?
Code Classroom – ASSE annual meeting report
Modern Hydronics – The path forward
Geothermal – Geothermal closed loop considerations


February 2014


Stainless in Seattle: New technology raises drainage to a loftier place
Cast iron soil pipe and fittings used in new $1.2B stadium project
Designer's Guide The most common mistake, revisited
FPE Corner – Lessons relearned: The Deutsche Bank Fire
Solar Solutions – Re-thinking heat storage in water tanks
Sustainable Design – Smartphone sensors reading real-time activity can change plumbing design
Code Classroom – ASSE Scald Awareness Task Group needs volunteers


March 2014


WaterSense continues commercial expansion with Flushometer-Valve toilets
IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute continues its efforts to safeguard public access to clean water
Inspecting PEX plumbing systems
World Plumbing Day
For the benefit of all
Designer's Guide World Plumbing Day
FPE Corner – Book Review: Sprinkler Hydraulics
Solar Solutions – Ground-source heat pump in Alaska
Sustainable Design – The River and the Thread
Alternative Energy – The STEM Gap
Code Classroom – The history of Model Plumbing Code Development


April 2014


John C. Kluczynski Federal Building: High-rise core renovation project
Keeping drinking water clean with low lead

Market adoption of heat pump water heaters

Q&A with Delta P Carver, Carver Pump Co.

On The Road: PVF Roundtable Winter 2014
Designer's Guide Character counts
FPE Corner – Aircraft hangar high expansion foam incident
Solar Solutions – Case Study: New Fish-Farm Combisystem in Colorado
Sustainable Design – Gender Neutral: Another compelling case for single-stall restrooms


May 2014


Deep diving into Legionella prevention
Being a young engineer and paying it forward

Getting ‘personnel’ on social media

Lead free is in the mix

GAO’s Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Financing Report
Designer's Guide It's complicated
FPE Corner – FM Data Sheet 8-9
Solar Solutions – Los Alamos Eco Station – Energy Data 2013
Code Classroom – Fundamentals of Legionella safety in building water systems


June 2014


Hunter’s Horizontal Drain Capacities and the Uniform Plumbing Code, Part 1
Hospitality Projects

Looking at different grease abatement strategies

Diverting Organic Waste From Landfills

Talking Tankless
Designer's Guide What's in an acre?
FPE Corner – NFPA 25 Revisited
Solar Solutions – The "new standard" for solar/hydronic combisystem
Code Classroom – 36 years of experience


July 2014


Hunter’s Horizontal Drain Capacities and the Uniform Plumbing Code, Part 2
Advanced Building Information Modeling
ASHE works with ASHRAE on Legionella Standard
BIM means business
NSF/ANSI Standard 358-1: More stringent requirements for geothermal piping
Selling Digital
Flexible pipe for flexible needs
Designer's Guide Sidewall runoff
Geothermal – Geothermal HVAC… Your roadmap to profits
FPE Corner – Tunnel fire safety experts get sprinkler religion
Solar Solutions – Closed-Loop Solar Glycol: The art of fill and purge
Code Classroom – How standards and codes become law
Modern Hydronics – Manifolds for you and me
Sustainable Design – Outcome-based approach to building energy


August 2014


Heating Season Preview
Water Heater Standard

BK Resources flows into the plumbing wholesale market

Q&A with Selkirk’s Keith Page
It's not Easy Being Green
Designer's Guide Reader feedback
FPE Corner – Amusement park fire still haunts after 30 years
Solar Solutions – Combisystem for a Caribbean island hotel
Code Classroom – High-rise plumbing design and plumbing codes
Sustainable Design – zEPI: The Zero Energy Performance Index


September 2014


State of Technology
ASPE celebrates a half-century of elevating the plumbing engineer profession

Taking the Lead on Lead Reduction

Josam Company carries a century of customer-centered innovation forward to new generation
Health care facilities are a growing market with special challenges and opportunities
Tough Stuff: Willoughby’s products are built to last
Designer's Guide Under pressure
FPE Corner – NFPA’s new regulations for standards development
Solar Solutions – The small ‘district heating’ combisystem
Code Classroom – New standard for health and safety of construction workers
Sustainable Design – Sustainable water heating solutions


October 2014


Considerations for commercial product specification and design
Water Efficiency in the 21st Century: What are the concerns?

Q&A with USGBC’s Communications Director Marisa Long

Q&A with PMI CEO, Executive Director
Industry organizations team up to deliver a single sustainable design framework
Designing smarter buildings: Plumbing engineers at the forefront
Designer's Guide Ever growing demands
FPE Corner – Heads in the clouds
Solar Solutions – Solar Heat Collectors: Area versus aperture
Code Classroom – Hot water system temperatures and the codes
Alternative Energy – The fast rail


November 2014


Education projects…scientifically speaking

Green water systems and opportunistic premise plumbing pathogens

The time has come to address pump efficiency standards

Q&A with Margo Mee, product manager at Haws Corp.
Commercial Steam – Part I
Pre-assembled fire pump packages provide cumulative value
Designer's Guide Feedback mechanisms
FPE Corner – The 2015 edition of NFPA 101
Solar Solutions – Metal, plastic and temperature limits
Code Classroom – 2018 product highlights and code change deadlines
Sustainable Design – Toilets of the Future, Part 1: Water of the future


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